“I’m grateful and excited,” says Jeon Sung-hyun, recipient of coffee tea gift

“I’m so grateful because I know how much you want to help, and it’s strange to receive coffee tea from Changwon (laughs).”

At around 3 p.m. on the 10th, a coffee car stood in front of Changwon Gymnasium. The words “Fireworks coffee shot by fireworks shooter Sung-hyun,” “We’re here to win the championship,” “We’re the Seikers until the end,” “Please take care of our former star,” and photos of Jeon (189 cm, F) were placed around the coffee car.

Jeon moved from Goyang Sono to Changwon LG in a trade with Lee Jae-do. It was a gift from Jeon’s fans to cheer him up as he prepares for the 해외 카지노 사이 2024-2025 season with his new team.

“It was from a fan in Ilsan. “It’s nice to receive coffee tea, but it’s also a burden because it costs money. The fan asked me to continue receiving it. I’m so grateful because I know how much I want to do it, and it’s strange to receive coffee tea from Changwon (laughs).”

According to LG officials, another batch of coffee tea was prepared for Jeon Sung-hyun on the 17th.

Jeon, who is currently in less physical condition than other LG players, trained separately during team training.

LG coach Cho Sang-hyun has been asking him to train at night in hopes of getting in shape as soon as possible, and he has been responding.

On Wednesdays, there is officially no night training.

Even though all the players left the court after the training session, Jeon stayed until the end to complete shooting drills with the help of a shooting aid machine.

By the way, Jeon wore the number 23 at LG, the same number he has worn since 2009, when he was in the third grade at Songdo High School. However, this was only possible because Jung In-duk, who wore number 23 for LG, gave it up to Jeon. Jung’s new number is 16.

The player who receives the number is usually given a gift to the player who gave it to him. Jeon Sung-hyun decided to give Jung In-deok a new cell phone later on.

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