Lee Seung-min, US Adaptive Open Golf Tournament Challenging for victory after 2 years

Lee Seung-min

Seungmin Lee, a professional golfer with autism spectrum disorder, will be participating in the 3rd US Adaptive Open Golf Tournament.

This year’s US Adaptive Open will be held in Newton, Kansas, USA for three days starting on the 8th.

Lee Seung-min won the first competition in 2022 and was runner-up last year.

The US Adaptive Open is hosted by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and features 96 players from 11 countries.

Rankings are determined by sector based on the location or degree of disability, and an overall integrated ranking is also determined.

Lee Seung-min said through his management company, Ball Media, “Last year, I was not able to play with confidence thinking about winning for the second consecutive year, and I made many mistakes.” He added, “I increased my driving distance through winter training and worked on my short game and physical strength, so I want to win the trophy again this year.”

Seungmin Lee, currently ranked second in the world for disabled golf, could become first if he wins this tournament.

The first place goes to last year’s winner of the tournament, Kip Poppert (USA).

In this competition, Seungmin Lee will be wearing a logo on his shirt to promote ‘Operation Smile Korea’.

Operation Smile Korea is a private organization that supports children’s surgical expenses and has its international headquarters in Virginia, USA. 카지노 커뮤니티

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