Gang Dong-won finds new faces with thriller film ‘The Plot’

Actor Gang Dong-won plays the role of a hitman in the new thriller film 'The Plot.' Courtesy of NEW

Despite the repertoire, the actor showed he still has more to offer in his latest crime thriller film “The Plot,” playing the chilling role of a meticulous hitman Young-il.“Personally, I feel like I’ve improved myself as an actor a bit more with this film. Some may or may not notice it but those who’ve followed my career will definitely be able to see that. (The character) seems chilling and I feel it shows that I that I’ve become an actor capable of taking on such roles,” the actor said during an interview with The Korea Times at a cafe in Jongno District, Seoul, Friday.“The chilling and cold image of the character was well-delivered. I personally was satisfied with how my character turned up, although not 100 percent. I feel like I’ve shown new faces (when expressing emotions) … Scenes like expressing anger, the depth of the intensity felt different from my previous works.”

Based on the 2009 Hong Kong film “Accident,” the thriller crime film revolves around hitman Young-il and his group of criminals, Jacky (Lee Mi-sook), Wol-cheon (Lee Hyun-wook) and Jeom-man (Tang Jun-sang), who carry out well-crafted contract killings to make them seem as accidents.When the team takes on a risky job to kill a high-profile politician, Young-il faces an unexpected turn of events when he finds traces that lead to a larger hit group, named “Cleaner,” which he thinks is responsible for the death of his former team member (Lee Jong-suk).The film is directed by Lee Yo-sup, whose previous work includes the 2016 thriller film “The Queen of Crime.”The actor shared he was drawn to the concept of contract killing through intentionally staged accidents.“This film barely has any action scenes but it still felt like an action movie. The plot itself was very fresh. I wanted to explore the concept of disguising a contract killing (as an accident),” he 스포츠토토존 said.

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