KT Women’s Field Hockey Team Wins Women’s General Division at 2024 National Spring

KT’s women’s field hockey team won the women’s general category of the 2024 National Spring and Men’s Hockey Tournament.

KT’s women’s field hockey team competed with the Gyeongbuk Sports Council (3:0 win), Mokpo City Hall (2:0 win), Asan City Hall (1:1 draw), Incheon City Hall (1:0 win), and Pyeongtaek City Hall (1:1 draw) on the 4th, winning three wins and two draws overall.

This is the first championship that belongs to the “Korea League.” The championship will be decided based on performance up to the individual championships in June and the national hockey competition for the presidency in August. KT, which founded the Korea Hockey Federation in 1984, won the Korea League title and became the first champion in 2022.

In this tournament, Jang Jung-won, Lee Yoo-ri, Kim Eun-ji, Lee Sa-rom, Park Seung-ae, and Park Mi-hyang scored two goals each, and various players scored during the tournament, signaling a successful generational change.

Coach Kim Sung-eun, who took the helm for the first time this year, won the honor. “I’m glad that I made the first step since I took the helm. I’ve coached for about 20 years. I won many championships as a coach, but as it was my first competition as a coach, I felt a lot of pressure. The players worked hard until the end, so I was able to achieve good results,” Kim said.

“I had intense training for a month in Seongnam during the off-season. Since then, the training has been focused on recovery training in Jeju Island, and the players have followed me well. The strength of our team is that we are organized and cooperative with each 메이저토토사이트 other,” he said. “However, I was a little disappointed in the physical strength and shooting of this tournament because the players were a little small in size, but I will try to supplement those areas well and get good results in the next tournament. I also thank KT for generously supporting me in preparing for the season.”

Captain Kim Yoo-jin, who won the MVP award, said, “There was a little bit of impatience because there was no physical crisis or goal in the middle of the competition, but all the players were able to unite and win the championship until the end. I don’t think I can win the MVP award alone, but I think it’s thanks to the players, coaches and coaches.”

“I trained with an emphasis on enhancing team unity in the off-season, and I think this part worked well. In addition, pass and 2:1 plays were done well, leading to good results. The first competition of the year is over, and we still have more games to play. I want to unite as one, win first place in the remaining games, and dominate the nation,” he said.


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