Handball H-League Gyeongnam Development Corporation beat Seoul City Hall to confirm second place in the regular league

Gyeongnam Development Corporation defeated Seoul Metropolitan Government to clinch second place in the regular season.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation defeated Seoul Metropolitan Government 24-21 in the fifth game of the third round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 Handball H League Women’s Division at Light Goeul Gymnasium in Seo-gu, Gwangju on Thursday.

With the victory, Gyeongnam Development Corporation secured second place with 14 wins, two draws and three losses, and 30 points. Seoul Metropolitan Government, which ended its two-game winning streak, clinched third place with 12 wins, one draw and six losses and 25 points. With the playoffs, Gyeongnam Development Corporation is now the highest-ranked team in the H-League since the days of SK Handball Korea.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation won the game thanks to the performance of goalkeeper Osara, who showed an exciting defense throughout the game.

Early on, Lee Yeon-kyung’s powerful shots came in succession, giving the KDB a slight lead, but the error led the Seoul Metropolitan Government 6-4. A mistake by the KDB allowed the score to be tied 7-7.

The two teams’ goalkeepers also continued their tight save matches, leading to close matches. As they tried to break through a lot, the battle continued with 7m.

The gap widened to 13-10 as the KECC scored consecutive goals with rapid speed following the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s error. The KECC finished the first half if it led 13-11.

In the early part of the second half, the Seoul Metropolitan Government failed to break through the goalkeeper Osara, and the Gyeongnam Development Corporation scored consecutive goals with a fastball, making it 17-12 fast. The Gyeongnam Development Corporation also followed 18-15 as no goal was scored for about seven minutes due to errors and saves by goalkeeper Chung Jin-hee.

However, goalkeeper Ossara’s defense widened the gap, and when the Seoul Metropolitan Government narrowed the gap to three points, it ran away again and failed to yield the flow. In the end, the team won the game 24-21.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation led the attack with 안전놀이터 Lee Yeon-kyung scoring 10 goals and Huh Yu-jin scoring five goals, and goalkeeper Osara made 20 saves.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government led the attack with Woo Bit-na scoring 10 goals and goalkeeper Jung Jin-hee scoring 15 saves. Jung Jin-hee achieved his 14th career 600 saves.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation goalkeeper Osara, who was selected as MVP, said, “I prepared well because it was a game that determined the second place today, but I’m glad that the performance came out well,” and explained the reason for the good defense, saying, “I was able to prevent it so much that I thought I was excited because the players, including the central defense, did not spare themselves in defense.”

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