Sumire Nakamura, Sawalcosanol Sponsor Seed Acquisition

Sumire Nakamura, Sawalcosanol Sponsor Seed Acquisition… Korean Debut on the 3rd of Next Month

Sawfalcosanol, world competition established in 2025 to be held every other year

The debut match of Sumire Nakamura (14), 3rd dan, Japan’s ‘Go prodigy’ who is moving to Korea has been confirmed. 바카라사이트

The Korean Medical Association announced that Nakamura received a sponsor seed at the 5th Sawfalcosanol Top Article Match draw ceremony held on the 19th and will join the finals of the competition starting at the end of this month.

Nakamura, who received a surprise seed, will be playing against 9th Dan Lee Chang-seok on March 3 in the Sawpalcosanol final league match, his first match in Korea.

Ranking No. 1 Shin Jin-seo (23), 9th dan, has won the title for four consecutive years.

The final round of the Sawpalcosanol Best Knight Final is a competition in which only 9 out of 428 professional knights from the Korea Championships participate.

Following the 9th dan Park Jeong-hwan, Byun Sang-il, Park Min-gyu, and Lee Chang-seok,

the top scorers in the finals of the last competition,

as well as 9th dan Shin Min-jun, Ahn Seong-jun, and Kim Jeong-hyeon, and 2nd dan Im Sang-gyu,

who passed the first to third preliminary rounds,

one person who received a seed from the sponsor will advance to the finals of this competition.

In the finals, first place is decided through the full league,

and then the winner of the title is decided between ‘defending champion’ Shin Jin-seo and challenger No. 5.

Chairman Shim Beom-seop of Infobell Co., Ltd., which sponsors the Sawpalcosanol competition,

nominated Nakamura as the only sponsor seed and said,

“It is great for Sumire Nakamura 3rd Dan, who has moved to Korea,

to have the opportunity to play against the best Korean knights in the best knight match.

“I expect that it will be a source of vitality for the somewhat stagnant Japanese baduk world,” he said.

Nakamura said, “I am grateful to Infobell for providing the seed,” and added,

“I am very happy to participate in the best knight match where strong players will participate.”

Meanwhile, Infobell has decided to establish a world competition along with the sawalcosanol domestic competition and hold it every other year starting next year.

In 2024, the domestic competition for the best sawfalcosanol knight will be held, and in 2025,

the best sawfalcosanol world knight will be held.

Nine players from Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan will participate in a league match to determine the winner.

Prize money for winning the World’s Best Horseman Championship is 200 million won.

The prize money for the winner of the domestic sawfalcosanol top article is 70 million won,

and the prize money for the runner-up is 20 million won. 파워볼사이트

The time limit is time accumulation, with 30 seconds of additional time per hour for each person.

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