Best practices for collaboration between professional clubs and local governments, Wonju DB CityEdition uniforms

The DB unveiled its city-edition uniforms.

Wonju DB hosted Suwon KT in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Korean Professional Basketball League at the Wonju General Gymnasium on April 8.

DB took to the court in a dark navy blue color scheme instead of their usual uniforms for their away game against Anyang Jungkwanjang on the 31st. Perhaps thanks to the freshness of the new jerseys, 텍사스홀덤 DB was able to hold off a fierce charge from Jung Kwan-jang to win 93-86.

Later, DB wore the CityAddition jerseys once more for the home fans in a home game against KT on the 8th, and after the last game against Jung Kwan-jang, DB won both games in the CityAddition jerseys, defeating KT as well.

The uniforms were created by designer Kim Jung-soo, who was selected through a competitive contest with a total of 75 entries.

If the previous City Audition uniforms expressed the unique image and charm of Wonju City, this uniform is said to have implemented a luxurious and sophisticated design with the rose, the city flower of Wonju.

In addition, the roses on the green and navy blue background, which are the colors that represent DB’s existing colors, are beautiful, elegant, and naturally harmonious.

Before the game, DB donated 5.85 million won from the sales of the City Edition to the city of Wonju.

The City Audition Uniform Contest, organized by Wonju City and the DB Basketball Team, has entered its third year. As part of the team’s close-to-home marketing, it promotes the Wonju brand and establishes best practices for cooperation between professional teams and local governments. Since the DB is creating such positive synergies, it will continue to be held every year.

Meanwhile, the selected designer, Kim Jung-soo, was awarded the grand prize and a cash prize of 3 million won.

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