Triple Crown Ace’s Choice, NC is in the Sky

The NC Dinos’ biggest offseason challenge is to hold on to foreign ace Eric Pedi, who dominated the league this year. Pedi is the strongest candidate for the KBO’s regular season MVP this year. In 30 regular-season games this year, Pedi went 20-6 with a 2.00 ERA and 209 strikeouts in 180⅓ innings pitched. He made history by becoming the first player in 37 years since Seon Dong-yeol in 1986 to achieve both 20 wins and 200 strikeouts. He also became the fourth player in league history to achieve the triple crown (wins, strikeouts, and ERA), joining Ryu Hyun-jin and Yoon Seok-min.

He was the best foreign player in the history of the league. However, fatigue in his shoulders and elbows slowed NC’s postseason journey. He skipped both the wild-card deciding game against Doosan and the semi-finals against SSG. He did make a start in Game 1 of the playoffs against KT, where he showed he was healthy with a six-inning, 12-strikeout, one-run performance. But that was the last time we would see him on the mound. The subsequent rest didn’t help the accumulated fatigue. The series stretched out to Game 5, but Pedi was unable to pitch. He was unable to start and was prepared to pitch out of the bullpen. Afterward, Pedi left the dugout in tears, feeling sorry that he couldn’t help the team.

For now, Pedi has left Korea, but he will be stepping on Korean soil again.

He arrives in the country to attend the KBO awards ceremony on the 27th. It’s a tight schedule, arriving on the 26th, attending the ceremony on the 27th, and leaving on the 28th.

NC, which does not have any internal free agents, is currently focusing all its efforts on selecting foreign players. Holding on to Pedi is NC’s top priority this winter. 카지노사이트 It will be interesting to see what kind of interaction NC will have with Pedi while he attends the ceremony. “I don’t know if I should go with a contract and wait,” Kang laughed when asked about Pedi’s attendance. However, the team desperately wants him to stay. His performance for the team this year has been remarkable.

Lim Sun-nam, who has long been in charge of foreign player selection and negotiations, will meet with Pedi at the awards ceremony. “In my experience, when it comes to foreign players, you can talk to their agents about contracts,” Lim said. “Now that he’s here, we’ll have a conversation. I don’t think there will be a conclusion right away,” he explained.

Peddie is getting plenty of attention from Major League Baseball and Japan. It’s not easy for NC to show an edge in the money game. “I think we’re going to make the best offer we can and wait,” Lim said, adding, “We’ve decided what kind of offer we’re going to make. “I think we’ll make an offer and wait to see what Pedi chooses. We’re just leaving it up to the sky.”

For now, Pedi’s performance this year was enough to attract the attention of Major League Baseball.

Along with Lee Jeong-hoo, the other KBO player, local media are also looking at Pedi as a player to watch in the major leagues next year. “Merrill Kelly, who grew up in the KBO, was a key part of the Arizona Diamondbacks’ National League title run this year,” said, adding that “major league officials expect Pedi to return to the big leagues and establish himself in the starting rotation.

‘MLBTraderumors’ also said, “Pedi was once a highly touted prospect, but he never had much success in the big leagues. However, he had a solid season in the KBO. He’s an interesting wild card in free agency this year. Pedi is expected to get a better deal than Merrill Kelly (Arizona, 2019, 2+2 years, $14.5 million max), Josh Lindblom (Milwaukee Brewers, 2020, 3 years, $9.125 million), and Chris Flexen (Seattle Mariners, 2021, 2 years, $4.75 million), who all signed major league contracts after turning pro in the KBO.

Will Peddy shrug off interest from Major League Baseball and Japan and return to the organization that brought him success?

Pedi’s annual salary is $1 million. While a raise is certainly possible, the salary cap for foreign players ($4 million) is also a concern. You’ll also need to consider the distribution of other players. The team would have to match or exceed the highest salary for a foreign player ($2 million, Doosan Nippert in 2017 and NC Luchinski in 2020) to be able to negotiate with Pedi.

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