No. 4 Noh Si-hwan of the Republic of Korea

The player who has shown the most remarkable growth in Korean baseball this year is Noh Si-hwan, the new national team fourth hitter.

After Lee Dae-ho, Joseon’s No. 4 hitter, returned the Taegeuk symbol in 2017

the national team’s No. 4 hitter was the Achilles’ heel of Korean baseball.

In the absence of a problem solver

Korea lost eight consecutive professional matches against Japan and continued to perform poorly in various international competitions. 먹튀검증

So, Noh Si-hwan’s rapid growth this year is like ‘rain in a drought’ for Korean baseball.

Starting with the Hangzhou Asian Games, he took on the role of batting number 4 and led the team to victory, and in the Asian Championship

he proved himself worthy of being the number 4 player in the national team by hitting a series of decisive hits

such as a walk-off hit against Australia and a go-ahead double in the final against Japan. .

[Noh Si-hwan/Hanwha Eagles: I think it was a situation where I wanted to praise myself for overcoming it under pressure.]

This year, the Gyeongnam High School senior and 4-time national team member is the reason why he showed off his potential by swinging a bat with 30 home runs and 100 RBIs.

I chose decisive advice from senior batsman Lee Dae-ho.

[Noh Si-hwan/Hanwha Eagles: (The bat) was 33.5 inches long and weighed 860g. 

(Senior Lee Dae-ho) ‘Why are you calling it that? “It’s too light,” he said, adding that he had never weighed less than 900 grams in his baseball career.

I should give it a try too,’ I decided.]

Noh Si-hwan promised that his outstanding performance this year would be the beginning, not the peak.

[Noh Si-hwan/Hanwha Eagles: As the No. 4 hitter for the Hanwha Eagles and the No. 4 hitter for the national team

I will prepare well to grow further and become a consistent player, so please show your support.] (Video coverage: Gong Jin-gu, Video editing: Woo Ki-jeong)

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