Its the Match Against China Ends with a Scoreless Score!

The national soccer team will play a World Cup qualifying away game against China today (21st). 

Kim Min-jae, the ‘core of the defense’, expressed his determination to finish the match against China without conceding a goal, like he did in the past five games.

Kim Min-jae appeared in almost every game as a regular defender for his team Bayern Munich this season, and played full-time in all of the last 10 games.

Even in the midst of a forced march that sparked a ‘controversy over overuse

he took the lead in turning around the mood by leading the national team to a scoreless defense in the last five consecutive games. 토토사이트

A day before the away game in China, which is the last international match of the year and the most nerve-racking of the second qualifying rounds

Kim Min-jae is only thinking about victory and no goals without showing any signs of hardship.

[Kim Min-jae/national soccer team defender: Talking about how difficult it is may seem like an empty stomach, and I want to be thankful for playing

because if the defense doesn’t score, we can take at least one point. I will prepare well to win.]

Kim Min-jae has good memories of scoring two of his four goals against China in international matches, and he played for the Beijing team for two and a half years before advancing to the European stage

so he is familiar with the Chinese players’ playing style. I know.

[Kim Min-jae/Defender of the national soccer team: When I played in Beijing, my teammates were playing for the (China) national team, and I think it would be of great help if they let us know (our national team) what their style is.

Tickets for the Korea-China match were sold out early

with over 40,000 tickets in attendance

. While home fans are expected to show one-sided supportour players are determined to end 2023 on a positive note with five consecutive wins in international matches.

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