‘7th National Championship’ Tennis Jang Soo-soo “thanks to her calm approach”

After winning her seventh career women’s tennis singles gold medal at the National Games, South Korean

tennis player Jang Jang-jeong credits “calmness” as the key to her success.

In an interview with the Korea Tennis Association on the 19th, Jang said, “I always play under pressure at

the national championships. But this time, I was able to relax,” she said, adding, “I thought of it as a

process of moving forward rather than trying to win.”

She won the women’s general singles final of the 104th National Tennis Championships at Bujusan Sports

Park Tennis Court in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, on Nov. 17 with a 2-0 (6-1 6-1) victory over Lee Jung-young (NH Bank).

It is the seventh gold medal of her career.

She won four consecutive titles from 2014 to 2017 before missing out on the crown in 2018. She then

won back-to-back titles in 2019 in Seoul and last year in Ulsan. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the

national championships were not held in 2020 and only the high school competition was held in 2021.

“I felt a little more pressure in the final, but I’m happy to have won the gold medal,” Jang said. “My

parents‘ hometowns are Yeosu and Suncheon, so my relatives came to cheer me on, which helped me a lot.”

“We need to discuss my next schedule,” said Jang

Who is ranked 152nd in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) singles world rankings. I’m thinking about

whether to play the $60,000 Challenger event in Australia or the $100,000 event in Japan in November,”

she said. “I’ll decide based on my condition, but Japan has a lot of advantages because it’s closer.”

In the men’s general singles, Lim Yong-kyu (Jeonbuk Tennis Association) defeated Kim Geun-joon (Armed

Forces Athletic Corps) 2-0 (6-2 6-4) in the final to win gold.

“I didn’t think about winning a gold medal, but I got a lot of luck,” said Lim, who also works as a coach for

up-and-coming tennis players. “As a coach who teaches players, I played with the idea of demonstrating,

so I was able to play more calmly and relaxed than before.” 카지노사이트존

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