“A reasonable Korean submarine’s good pitching”…I’ll show you how I win

Ko Young-pyo of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team played an active role in the warm-up match against NC at the Tucson Kino Sports Complex in Arizona on the 17th (Korea Standard Time).

Ko Young-pyo took the mound as the second pitcher in the top of the second inning after Kim Kwang-hyun in the top of the first inning. Before the match, pitchers of the WBC national team decided to pitch before and after 20 games regardless of the out count.

Ko Young-pyo allowed a left-handed hit to leadoff hitter Kim Joo-won, but struck out Oh Jang-han after treating Seo Ho-chul with a double play. He handled three batters with 10 balls, so the number of pitches remained. 바카라사이트넷

Since then, he has caught Ahn Jung-yeol and Han Seok-hyun with six balls and five outcounts with 16 balls. Ko Young-pyo had the best balance and control among pitchers on the mound.

After a meeting with the players after the game, Ko Young-pyo headed to first base, not the dugout.

In the stands, Ko Young-pyo’s elementary school alumni came to cheer Ko Young-pyo with his wife and children. I talked to a friend who came to Phoenix, two and a half hours away by car, for about 10 minutes.

Ko Young-pyo, who also greeted his friend’s wife and children, had a good time for a while by delivering a signed ball as a gift. Elementary school alumni also ended up cheering Ko Young-pyo’s good performance.

Unfortunately, when he broke up with his friend, Ko Young-pyo said he also thought of his son, who was born in November last year. Ko Young-pyo married in 2021 and was born in November 2022.

Ko Young-pyo said, “I faced a batter for the first time this year, and it was better than I thought. “I think the ball control went well and I’m satisfied,” he said, expressing his feelings about his first appearance.

Regarding the official ball, he said, “The curves and sliders that move horizontally feel slippery. The change-up is rather easier to throw. Two-seam also has more movements than I thought,” he said.

Ko Young-pyo, who made his debut smoothly in the WBC warm-up match, said, “The first match against Australia is very important. “I will take care of my condition while leaving all possibilities open for the mound,” he vowed

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