“We can only go up from here,” says Neuessup after first win of the season

PIGOOOONAM’s Neu-Seop Neu is overjoyed after the team’s first win of the season.

PIGOOOONAM defeated Gangwon FC 9-0 in the first round of the 2024 eK League Championship Season 2 at the Vita500 Coliseum in Songpa-gu, Seoul, on Nov. 31. Neu Seo-seop, who was the last runner, celebrated his first win of the season with a 4-0 victory. Speaking to DailyeSports after the game, Neu-sub said, “This season has been so bad that I wondered if it could really be worse,” and added, “Coming in the last week and getting my first win, and a big win at that, I was much happier than usual when I was playing.”

Neu made a name for himself as a member of last year’s promotion contender Revive, and while his return to the top flight with Figoobnam was highly anticipated, the team hadn’t been able to record a win until this game, with two draws and two losses. Neu-sup himself was frustrated by the elusive first win of the season.

“At that time, no new team had ever done so well, and the three of us were very good at playing offensive football, so the fans were very interested in us,” he said. “But this season, I was very stressed because I couldn’t play the offense I was confident in. I also had acute enteritis at the beginning of the season, so being unwell affected my performance. But I think I solved it today, so I feel lighthearted,” he smiled.

The win was especially meaningful because it came against Gangwon, who are fighting for the relegation zone. “Gangwon is a team I actually have a relationship with. “I’m on a different team, but there’s a strange sense of competition, so I think I worked even harder,” he said. “I’m on a different team, but I think I worked harder because there was a strange 안전놀이터 sense of competition,” he said, “Even though there were individual results, Kangwon really wanted to win, and I think it paid off.

Pygupnam has suffered two sweep losses this season to Guangdong and Ulsan. However, on this day, they are showing their ‘goblin team’ side with a sweep victory. When asked about this, Shin said, “What I’ve realized in the six games so far is that the first set is important for our team.” “If the first set is won or tied, it seems to go on to the second and third sets. I think it’s because we have two younger players on the team that we are able to get the flow going.”

Although it was her first win of the season so late, the multi-point victory immediately put her in contention for the individual title. “I’m happy with the big win,” she 카지노사이트 추천 said, “and I’m looking forward to the next match. If the next match is as good as today’s performance and the offense continues to work, I think we can only go up from here,” he said confidently.

Finally, Neu Seob said, “The fans have been waiting and expecting us since last year, but we didn’t show up this season. I apologize for not showing it until the end of the team game,” he said, adding, ‘We will do our best to show the fans what they remember from the past, and even better.’


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