Kim Min-jae is still, but why do you keep reporting rumors of a transfer

Mathias the Licht (24) said bitterly about the many rumors of a transfer to Kim Min-jae.

He is competing with Kim Min-jae (28, Bayern Munich) to become a starting member of the team, but he was a teammate first. Mathias the Licht (24) made bitter comments about the transfer of Kim Min-jae to the club.

In an interview with Sport 1 of Germany on the 28th (Korea Standard Time), The Licht said, “It is the same as before. Kim Min-jae is not saying anything, but 토토사이트 has reported that some teams will recruit him. It’s coming from everywhere. It’s a real problem. It doesn’t match the reality at all. Dayo Upamecano is in the same situation.”

The Licht has been drawing attention from European teams since his days at Ajax as a promising player. While playing for Juventus and Bayern Munich, he must have suffered from rumors of a transfer and reports that were not true. In fact, he was constantly connected to Manchester United but is currently playing elsewhere.

The same applies to Kim Min-jae. After joining Fenerbahce of Turkiye (Turkey), he showed top-class performance and became involved with big European clubs. Napoli, which had taken its first step in the top five European leagues, also contributed to Italy’s Serie A championship in 33 years, and became involved with many teams.

Analysts say they will consider selling Kim Min-jae

Since joining Bayern Munich, he immediately played a key role in the UEFA Champions League-winning rival team, but has recently faltered. Tuchel failed to start as he brought up a combination of Dier and The Licht after a shocking three-game losing streak.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before, but Bayern Munich has a lot of good players. I will do my best to prove my existence on the training ground,” Kim said, but European media outlets linked him to major teams, saying they were “discontented with Bayern Munich life.”

Following Manchester United, which has been connected since Napoli’s time, various teams including Inter Milan and Real Madrid want Kim Min-jae. Some German media even analyzed that Bayern Munich would consider selling Kim Min-jae next season.

There is not much concern about losing the starting position.

“I’m not lazy and I’m concentrating,” Kim Min-jae said. “I’m not lazy. I think (football fans) don’t have to worry. The team is in a position to wait for an opportunity. He is showing good quality at the training ground,” he said, expressing his strong will to compete for the starting position, but some media including Italy are already evaluating Kim Min-jae with the competition on the cutting board.

Perhaps even worse, The Licht made a determined statement to the German and European media. He is playing for the team on the training ground, and if various media reports on transfer and release rumors, his concentration is likely to decrease.

The same holds true for Upamecano, who has an analysis in the local market that he lost to Bayern Munich as four options. In an interview with “Kicker” on many transfer rumors, he said, “I have no intention of leaving Bayern Munich. I signed a contract until 2026 and have good relations with my teammates. I will do my best while staying in Bayern Munich. Rumors have it that he will leave the team after leaving the starting lineup, which is part of soccer,” but he has been constantly connected to other European teams.

“Kim Min-jae is satisfied with his life in Bayern Munich,” said Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European transfer market. Some German media reported, “Kim Min-jae was Tuchel’s No. 1 central defender in the first half of the year. His departure for the Asian Cup seems to have been a major blow to him. However, as he is concentrating on training as a central defender, there is not much concern about him losing his starting position.”

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