President Yong said to Kim Ha-seong, “I see you when you play games, you are so good.”

Visit to the San Diego Padres’ children’s baseball class and demonstrate hitting Machado said, “Children, if you keep dreaming, you will become like the players here.
President Yoon Seok-yeol watching Kim Ha-sung’s batting demonstration

President Yoon Seok-yeol visited the San Diego Padres’ children’s baseball class held at the Yongsan Children’s Garden Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the weekend of the 16th, encouraged ‘baseball buddings’ and even gave a batting demonstration.

In addition, he expressed encouragement and gratitude to major leaguers from the San Diego Padres, including Kim Ha-seong and Ko Woo-seok.

President Yoon appeared at the baseball stadium wearing a baseball jumper, a black T-shirt with the Cheonan’s official name ‘PCC-772’ engraved on it, and white sneakers.About 300 people were present at the site, including San Diego Padres players, U.S. military families on the baseball team, children from multicultural families, and Park Chan-ho, the ‘first Korean major leaguer’ and CEO of the Park Chan-ho Foundation.

As soon as President Yoon met Kim, he admired him and said, “When Kim Ha-seong plays, I watch him and he seems to be really good. It’s amazing how good he is at batting.” Kim responded, “Thank you.”President Yoon also shook the late player’s hand and encouraged him, saying, “Oh my, I hope you have a hard time in the future.”

President Yoon sat on the lawn with his children and watched Manny Machado and Kim’s batting demonstration.

President Yoon stood up at Representative Park’s recommendation, took one or two practice swings, and then showed off a batting demonstration. 메이저사이트

President Yoon, who immediately took the microphone, smiled as children asked, “Please give us more weekends,” and “Please let us not go to school for a month.”

President Yoon said, “Ever since I was in the third grade of elementary school, I joined a baseball group with my neighborhood brothers and learned how to throw a ball. Seeing you all reminds me of my childhood and I am jealous.” He added, “Having the opportunity to learn baseball with famous major league players is something for me too. “I wish I could go back to my childhood and enjoy things like this,” he said.

He continued, “You can’t become a great leader just by reading books and studying. If you play sports and love baseball, a game with rules, not only will you be healthy in your future social life, but you can become a truly great leader.” “He encouraged.He then made everyone laugh by saying, “It’s nice to meet you all, and I’ll think about extending the weekend.”

President Yoon also expressed his gratitude to the players and club officials, saying, “I am truly grateful for having such a good time with the children of our allies, the U.S. military.”

Player Kim encouraged, “(Children) I hope you see these players and have big dreams of playing in the major leagues,” and Machado also said, “If you work much harder, keep fighting, and keep dreaming, you will become like the players here.” “You can. These players were once children like you,” he emphasized.

Afterwards, Representative Park presented President Yoon with a globe made to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his major league debut, and President Yoon also presented Representative Park with a framed photo of the White House dinner during his state visit to the United States in May of last year.Representative Park was invited by then-President Joe Biden and had dinner next to President Yoon.

President Yoon then took a commemorative photo with the players and children, signed the children’s gloves and clothes, and left. 토토사이트 추천

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