WJSN’s Seola takes on solo journey, unveils musical makeover

Seola of the girl group WJSN poses during a press event at Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam District, Seoul, Tuesday. Yonhap

Seola of K-pop girl group WJSN — also known as Cosmic Girls — has embarked on a solo journey with the release of the album, “Inside Out,” transforming herself into a free-spirited musician.According to the 29-year-old, this album is a “lovely piece of work” that has led her to hear her inner voice while revealing her unexplored sides.”As I geared up for casinositekingcom this album, I got an opportunity to learn more about myself,” Seola said during a press event at Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, Tuesday. “While being active as a K-pop idol, I always had a thirst to reveal my multifaceted personality, and I feel that this album has fulfilled that desire.”

In discussing the title track, “Without U,” the singer shared that it presents an acoustic band style that slightly deviates from her usual musical style. It also highlights her vocal prowess, which many fans think deserves more recognition.”I was particularly drawn to singing along with instruments played live,” she said as she explained the reason for working with a band. “I also think this style suits me well.” Although she knew that some of her fans were expecting to see an “idol-like” performance from her, she said she wanted to take a crack at the things she truly wants to pursue.”I was concerned about not living up to the expectations of those who wanted to see me dance,” she said. “But it’s not that I will disappear as an idol … I hope people consider ‘Inside Out’ as my first step into doing what I really want to do.”

Seola’s solo venture comes eight years after her debut as part of WJSN in 2016. Being the first WJSN member to go solo, she admitted to feeling pressure.”I had a lot of worries and concerns while preparing for my solo album,” she recalled. “Since I have WJSN as my home base, I thought I should avoid causing any trouble for the group with my solo activities.”Being aware of her concerns, WJSN members supported her in their own ways.”Our members do not usually give big and formal kinds of support, but they occasionally reached out to me 카지노사이트킹 to provide small but frequent support, like giving me sweets,” she revealed.”Having spent a long time together, we deeply understand each other… We may seem indifferent to each other, but we all know that our seemingly indifferent gestures are actually the expression of our bond and affection for one another.”

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