‘2002 World Cup Ringleader’ Lee Tae-Soo involved in controversial coin company…”No meeting after one-time collaboration” clarifies

Former soccer player Lee Chun-soo has responded to the recent controversy surrounding Acoin.

On November 11, Lee posted a lengthy post on his ‘Li Chun-Su’ channel, saying, “I would like to explain the recent controversy on the Internet.”

Recently, there have been allegations that the G-mo company that Lee collaborated with is the same person as Acoin CEO Choi Mo, 카지노사이트 and that he is the head of the company.

“Around April 2021, I was introduced to a junior who was a soccer player by an acquaintance, and through several meetings, I was introduced to the G-mo company, and I found out that it was a business that combines NFTs with soccer youth tournaments. I issued NFTs that could only be received at the event, and I could use my portrait only at the event.” “However, around September 2021, the G-mo company’s official channel and website promoted that they had collaborated with me, and I complained about unauthorized use. The company accepted the issue and took down all posts, and I have not had any business collaboration with them since then.”

In response to a group chat room, Lee explained, “The photo was taken without my knowledge during our first meeting, and I never said that I would ‘help’ Acoin.”

He also explained that the photo where he was singing was simply a birthday party of an acquaintance in a party room, and that it was attended by only acquaintances.

Recently, a number of broadcasters have been accused of being involved with Acoin, sparking controversy in online communities. Among them, YouTuber Oking posted an apology video after admitting his wrongdoing, while comedians Kim Won-hoon, Cho Jin-se, and Hae-wook denied the allegations.

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