‘On the edge of a cliff’ SSG Oh Won-seok vs ‘PO in front of you’ NC Tanner

‘On the edge of a cliff’ SSG Oh Won-seok vs ‘PO in front of you’ NC Tanner… Jun-PO 3rd round selection

Professional baseball SSG Landers, who will be kicked out of the fall stage with just one loss, is ‘left-handed Young-gun’ They are aiming for a counterattack with Oh Won-seok (22).

The NC Dinos, who are only one win away from advancing to the playoffs (PO), are still suffering from arm discomfort.

Instead of Eric Peddie (30), Tanner Turley (28) was announced as the starter for the third game of the semi-PO. 바카라사이트

NC, which achieved two wins in Incheon away on the 22nd and 23rd, will play the 3rd semi-PO match against SSG at Changwon NC Park at home at 6:30 pm on the 25th.

NC selection is Tanner.

Peddie, who won the triple crown for most wins (20 wins), ERA (2.00), and strikeouts (209) in this year’s regular season, does not take the mound until the third game.

NC coach Kang In-kwon initially designated Peddie as the starter for Game 3, but Peddie felt discomfort in his right arm after training on the 23rd and postponed his appearance.

Peddie was scheduled to return to the KIA Tigers on the 16th.

He suffered a bruise after being hit on the forearm by a batted ball in the game, and has not yet finished warming up.

Tanner was NC’s first baseball selection in the fall of 2023.

He started in the wild card game against the Doosan Bears on the 19th and performed poorly, allowing 7 hits and 5 runs in 4 innings.

However, NC won 14-9 over Doosan at the time.

He obtained a ticket to PO.

In the regular season, Tanner Turley pitched well with 5 wins, 2 losses, and an average ERA of 2.92 in 11 games.

His performance against SSG was 1 game, 1 win, and an average ERA of 3.38 (5 ⅓ innings, 8 hits, 2 runs).

Kim Seong-hyun (2 hits in 3 at-bats), Choi Jeong, Guillermo Heredia, Hanyu. Seom (1 hit in 3 at-bats) and Shin-Soo Choo (1 hit in 1 at-bat) hit Tanner.

Oh Won-seok of SSG, who suffered two losses at home, posted an average ERA of 5.23 with 8 wins and 10 losses in the regular season.

Against NC, he pitched in 4 games and recorded 2 wins and 2 losses.

He pitched well with an ERA of 4.98.

Kim Joo-won was very strong against Oh Won-seok with 4 hits in 7 at-bats, while Park Min-woo (3 hits in 7 at-bats), Park Se-hyuk (2 hits in 3 at-bats), and Seo Ho-cheol (6 hits in at-bats) 2 hits) also successfully targeted Oh Won-seok.

Oh Won-seok succeeded in blocking Son Ah-seop (0 hits in 8 at-bats) and Park Geon-woo (1 hit in 9 at-bats).

Oh Won-seok started in Game 3 of the Korean Series against Kiwoom Heroes last year and pitched 5⅔ innings, allowing 5 hits, 2 walks, 7 strikeouts, and 1 run.

Although he did not get a starting win at the time, SSG was able to get a good pitch from Oh Won-seok.

Thanks to this, they won 8-2 and won the Korean Series.

SSG is looking forward to ‘Oh Won-seok’s good pitching in the fall’ in this semi-PO.

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