LG Twins’ key players were rewarded with new contracts

After winning their first Korean Series title in 29 years, the LG Twins’ key players were rewarded with new contracts.

“We have completed annual contracts with 33 players for 2024,” LG announced on Monday. Hong Chang-ki became the highest-paid non-free agent on the team, surpassing 500 million won. Moon Bo-kyung skipped the 200 million mark to reach 300 million won, while Moon Sung-joo passed the 100 million mark and went straight to 200 million won. Shin Min-jae, who became the starting second baseman after a surprise performance, became a billionaire just a few years after joining the team.

Hong Chang-ki, who won the batting title and Golden Glove outfielder, re-signed for 510 million won, an increase of 210 million won from 300 million won last year. It is the highest salary on the team outside of free agency. Hong became a 500 million won player after playing four full-time seasons.

Hong played his first full season in 2020 after being discharged from the military.

In 135 games, he batted 2-for-7 with a .411 on-base percentage, garnering attention for his “snow baseball” skills. In 2021, he batted .328 with a .456 on-base percentage. In 2022, he was sidelined midseason with a side injury, which disrupted his balance at the plate. He regressed to 2-for-8 with a .390 on-base percentage.

Hong played in 141 games this year, batting 3-for-33 with 65 RBI, 109 runs scored, 88 walks, 23 stolen bases, and a .444 on-base percentage. He won his second batting title in 2021 and also won a Golden Glove.

Hong’s salary skyrocketed from 38 million won (2020) to 100 million won (2021) to 320 million won (2022) to 300 million won (2023) to 510 million won (2024). 온라인카지노 This was achieved in just four years after establishing himself as LG’s top hitter.

Moon Bo-kyung and Moon Sung-ju, the mainstays of the generation change in the infield and outfield, also received significant salary increases. Moon signed a contract for 300 million won, up 130 million won from 170 million won. Moon signed for 200 million won, an increase of 150 million won from 95 million won.

Moon, who joined LG in the third round of the 2019 draft

Made his first-team debut in 2021. After batting .340 in the 2020 Futures League, she was called up to the 2021 second team, where she was 4-for-6 through the end of April.

After batting 2-for-3 in 107 games in 2021, Moon batted 3-for-5 in 126 regular-season games as the starting third baseman and backup first baseman in 2022. In 2023, he was the starting third baseman and batted .301 with 10 home runs, 72 RBIs and 77 runs scored in 131 games, his second straight year of triple-digit batting average.

Moon’s salary trend was 30 million won (2021) → 68 million won (2022) → 170 million won (2023) → 300 million won (2024), and he became the highest-paid player after playing three seasons in the first team.

Moon Sung-ju, who joined LG in the 10th round of the 2018 draft (97th overall), also saw his salary skyrocket by 376% in just two years. In 2018, Moon played five games for the first team before enlisting in the army to complete his military service. After appearing in 31 games in 2021, Moon played 106 games in 2022, batting .327 (99-for-127). Despite not getting enough plate appearances, he was a contender for the outfield batting title until the summer, when his batting average dropped off due to a late-season body strain.

In 136 games this season

he batted .294 (132-for-449) with two home runs, 57 RBI, 77 runs scored, and 24 stolen bases. He earned a spot in the outfield for LG, which has plenty of outfield depth.

Moon Sung-joo, who failed to become a billionaire last year by 5 million won, was quickly raised to 200 million won. 3100만원(2021년)→4200만원(2022년)→9500만원(2023년)→2억원(2024년)이 됐다.

Shin Min-jae signed a contract for 115 million won, a 67 million won increase from his 48 million won salary last year. A 139.6% increase. Shin Min-jae, who joined Doosan as a developmental player in 2015, became the first player to earn a billion-dollar salary in 10 years.

He was selected by LG in the second round of the 2017 Korean Baseball Organization draft in November. The speedy Shin was brought in as an outfield resource with good mobility.

After returning from military service in 2018, Shin was officially registered as a player in 2019 and made his first-team debut. He played primarily as a pinch-hitter and center fielder. He had 10 stolen bases in 94 at-bats in 81 games in 2019 and 8 stolen bases in 32 at-bats in 68 games in 2020. In 2021, he batted 1-for-3 (23 RBI) with two doubles and eight runs in 32 games, and in 2022, he appeared in just 14 games (3-for-3) with two doubles and two runs.

Catching the eye of manager Yoon Kyung-yeop as a stolen base specialist

Shin Min-jae has been a force on the offensive side of the ball at second base since June. He played in 122 games, the most since joining the club, batting 2-for-7 (78-for-282) with 28 RBI, 47 runs scored and 37 stolen bases. After leading the league in stolen bases, he was sidelined with an injury at the end of the season, losing the stolen base title to Doosan’s Jung Soo-bin.

Bullpen pitcher Yoo Young-chan re-signed for 85 million won, up from 31 million won. The 174.2 percent increase was the highest on the team. Baek Seung-hyun re-signed for 92 million won, a 100% increase from 46 million won.

Selected by LG in the fifth round of the 2020 draft (43rd overall), Yoo made his first-team debut last year, appearing in 67 games (68 innings) and posting a 6-3 record, 12 holds, and one save with a 3.44 ERA. Baek Seung-hyun appeared in 42 games (40 innings) with a 2-3 record, three saves, 11 holds, and a 1.58 ERA.

Choi Won-tae, a starting pitcher acquired in a trade from Kiwoom last July, signed for 400 million won, a 50 million won increase from his previous salary of 350 million won.

Meanwhile, some players saw their salaries cut.

Reliever Jeong Woo-young re-signed for 320 million won, down 80 million won from 400 million won. Starting pitcher Kim Yun-sik signed for 120 million won, 에볼루션 바카라사이트 a 30 million won cut from 150 million won.

Yoon Hosol, who moved to LG as a free agent before last season, signed for 70 million won, down 17 million won from 87 million won, and Kim Yoo-young signed for 67 million won, down 28 million won from 95 million won.

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