Buddhist senior ‘slams’ Real Madrid: “Real Madrid attitude offensive”

“If you want to sign Mbappe, stop rolling your eyes and open your wallet!”

Will Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) Kylian Mbappe leave for Spanish giants Real Madrid?

Another storm has passed overnight. After France’s Foot Mercato reported that “Mbappe and Real Madrid have reached an agreement”, France’s RMC countered that “nothing has been decided about Mbappe’s future”. As a result, the Mbappe to Real Madrid rumors are back on track.

Mbappe is out of contract with PSG this summer, meaning he will be a free agent in the summer transfer window and can leave on a free transfer. Many pundits and media outlets have speculated that Mbappe’s move is a plan to join Real Madrid.

In other words, a transfer is easier without a transfer fee, and Real Madrid would love to have Mbappe without a transfer fee. Even if Real Madrid were to increase Mbappe’s salary, they would still be in business if they could sign him without a transfer fee. If there is a transfer fee for Mbappe, it will likely be one of the highest in the world.

Mbappe’s French international teammate Christophe Dugarri is furious. The target of his anger is Real Madrid.

The striker, who has also played for AC Milan, Barcelona, and Bordeaux, scored eight goals in 55 caps for the French national team. He was part of France’s golden era. He won the 1998 World Cup with France and was a member of the winning Euro 2000 team.

Dugari believes that Real Madrid are targeting Mbappe’s free agency and are reluctant to pay what Mbappe is worth. He told France’s RMC: “I’m hitting Real Madrid over the head. I am very unhappy with the attitude of Real Madrid.”

“If Real Madrid wants Mbappe, they have to open their wallet. After opening the wallet, they should take Mbappe. Real Madrid says they want Mbappe on the right, but on the left they are not ready to spend money. I feel that Real Madrid doesn’t really want Mbappe,” he quipped.

Finally, he emphasized, “I’ve heard Real Madrid officials talking with this kind of nuance.”


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