Kicks challenges to win the Baduk League for the second time in a row Shin Jin-seo “Winning for 3 consecutive years”

Eight teams from the KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League, the largest league in Korea, boldly entered the competition ahead of the opening of the 2023-2024 season.’Defending champion’ Eight teams, including Kixx, announced their aspirations for victory at the media day held at the Eliena Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 19th.Coach Kim Young-hwan of the Kicks, who retained five starting players from last season, expressed confidence, saying, “If the players show the same skills they showed in last year’s postseason, a second consecutive victory is quite possible.”

Shin Jin-seo also expressed his determination, saying, “Whenever I meet a team, it feels like I’ve been there for 3 years, but since I met Kicks as a great opportunity, I want to challenge for the championship for 3 years in a row.”Coach Choi Myung-hoon of Jeongkwan Jangcheonnok, who finished second after being blocked by Kicks, said, “We are a team with a good balance of old and new for each age group. “Because there is a special redemption day for the ace match, we will achieve better results than last year,” he responded.In the fan vote, Kix (48%) was selected as the team with the highest probability of winning, followed by Wonik (13%) 온라인카지노 and Baduk Mecca Uijeongbu (11%).

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