Kim Si-hwan Two Seasons at LIV Make Up for 10 Years of Touring Expenses

Driving range at the Abu Dhabi Golf Course in the United Arab Emirates on the 8th.

Kim Si-hwan (35), a Korean-American professional golfer, was working on his shot wearing a T-shirt with the Ironhead logo

which was a combination of the orange letters I and H. Ironhead is one of 12 LIV Golf teams captained by Kevin Naga, another Korean-American.

Kim Si-hwan has played for LIV Golf for two seasons since joining the Ironhead team as a founding member last year. 먹튀검증사이트

However, he failed to achieve any significant results, so he challenged the LIV Promotions competition

which will determine the right to participate next year.

 He did his best to remain in LIV next year, but was eliminated after scoring 2 over par in the second round.

Born in Seoul in 1988, Kim Si-hwan moved to the United States with his family in 2000 when he was 12 years old.

He won the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship at age 15, as did Tiger Woods, and, like Woods, attended Stanford University.

His height of 1m88cm and his ability to hit long balls were also similar to Woods. He is a college classmate of female golfer Michelle Wie.

At Stanford University, Si-Hwan Kim won the Rookie of the Year Award in the Pac-10 League (Western U.S. University League).

He expected a life like Tiger’s, but things didn’t work out after college.

He started his professional career on the European second division tour in 2011. He briefly went on the European Tour (now DP World Tour), then moved to the Asian Tour in 2017.

Since the beginning of last year, Kim Si-hwan’s putting has improved significantly. 

Thanks to that, he recorded two wins in the Asian Tour in the first half of last year. 

LIV, into which Saudi Arabia poured oil dollars, gave special benefits to top players on the Asian Tour to compete with the PGA Tour. 

Thanks to that, Kim Si-hwan entered LIV. Among the original LIV members, Kim Si-hwan was selected as the luckiest player.

His grades in the first year were not bad. He finished the season ranked 24th, including 3rd place at the LIV Bangkok competition.

But after that, he went down a steep slope. He recorded a total of 23 over par in three rounds at the Maya Koba Tournament, the opening match of the 2023 season. 

At the Boston tournament, he hit a whopping 87 in one round.

Kim Si-hwan said, “The shot was jagged on both sides.

He was so focused on his shot that he also ruined his putt.

LIV is also a team competition, and I felt a lot of pressure because I was worried about who my teammates would be.”

We aimed to qualify for next year’s event through the promotions match that ended on the 10th, but we did not achieve our goal.

It is known that Kim Si-hwan earned approximately 5.6 billion won during two seasons at LIV.

He said, “I am happy with the two seasons I spent at LIV.

He spent a lot of money while touring for over 10 years, and he made up for it all at LIV. 

I would like to thank Kevin for trying to put my mind at ease,” he said.

There are countless golfers who were successful during their junior days but disappeared without a word after their 20s. Kim Si-hwan also went through a slump

but after holding out for over 10 years, he took the opportunity called LIV. 

Kim Si-hwan said, “LIV was created at a time when my grades were improving, and I enjoyed the results.

It fit together like a movie script,” he said.

I will work hard to return to LIV by playing in the Asian Tour in the future.”

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