Park Jung-hwan also eliminated from Nongshim boat… Korea on the brink, only Shin Shin-seo remains

Even the trusted 9 dan, Park Jung-hwan (30), collapsed.

On the second day of the second round of the 25th Nongshim Shin Ramyeonbae World Go Championship at Hotel Nongshim in Busan, South Korea’s Park Jung-hwan (30) was defeated by China’s Sheilhao (25) in 246 moves.

This was a disastrous result for Korea, with Seol Hyun-joon, 8, Byun Sang-il, 9, Won Sung-jin, 9, and Park Jung-hwan, 9, all eliminated from the tournament without a single win.

Only No. 1 Shin Shin-seo (23) was left standing.

The Chinese spearheaded by Xu Shehao, who won six straight games, ensured that all five players survived to win the title.

Behind Xie Shenghao are the 9th dan duo of Qiu Ze, Ding Hao, Guo Zhihao and Zhao Tianyu.

Japan will be represented by 9th dan Yuta Iyama and 8th dan Yu Shiqi.

Park Jung-hwan, who took black on this day, played a tight game with Sheng Hao until the middlegame.

However, towards the end of the game, he suddenly found himself at a disadvantage after being counterattacked when he tried to forcefully cut down the left back rank.

Realizing his mistake, Park made a last-ditch effort to turn the tide, but when he failed to do so, he threw a stone.

Park now trails his head-to-head record against Sheng Hao 4-5.

She will next face Japan’s Wu Zhiqi 8th in the Nongshim Bae 8th on Wednesday.

South Korea’s final runner, Shin Shin-seo, will face the winner of Game 8 in Game 9 on Thursday.

Shin Shin-seo will need to win six straight games down the stretch to pull off the upset.

The prize pool for the Nongshim Bae is 500 million won.

A player who wins three in a row will receive a streak prize of 10 million won. For each additional win after the three consecutive wins, an additional 10 million won will be awarded.

Sheerhao, who won six games in a row in this tournament, secured a streak prize of 40 million won.

The time limit is one hour and one second for each player. 온라인카지노

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