15-Year-Old Shin Ji-ah Wins Overwhelmingly with Personal Highest Score

Post-Kim Yuna’s frontrunner, 15-year-old Shin Jia, won the first round of national team selection

beating out prominent seniors. She demonstrated her overwhelming skills by breaking her personal best.

Shin Ji-ah presented a perfect performance to the elegant melody of ‘Not About Angels’. 먹튀검증사이트

She flew as lightly as a butterfly and performed every jump perfectly

and even her delicate facial expressions made people gasp.

Shin Ji-ah, who received the highest level until the last spin task

was happy as she clenched her fists after completing her performance

and could not hide her surprise when she broke her personal high score by more than 10 points with a total score of 216.35 points

including 146.47 points in the free skating.

Shin Ji-ah beat second place Kim Chae-yeon by more than 12 points and won her second consecutive national championship.

[Shin Ji-ah/Youngdong Middle School: I feel fortunate that I was able to believe in what I practiced and finish well. 

I am very happy.]

Shin Ji-ah, who won the Junior Grand Prix for the second time in a row this season

will compete in the finals next week and challenge for the top.

Cha Jun-hwan, a representative male figure skater who started free skating after taking painkillers due to an ankle injury

easily performed cleanly with a stable program that included only one quadruple jump

earning a total score of 260.53 points

beating second place Min-gyu Seo by more than 20 points. I won the championship.

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