Park Yong-taek, creator of LG’s glossy jumper craze

The “glossy jumper” has become a symbol of the LG Twins in the Korean baseball league, thanks to a 2011 interview with commentator Park Yong-taek (44), who was serving as the team’s leadoff hitter.

At a media day before the regular season, Park vowed, “I will definitely make LG fans wear glossy jumpers (in fall baseball),” causing a stir.

As LG continued to perform well through the middle of the season, Park said in an interview, “LG fans should now prepare for glossy jumpers.”

But LG didn’t make it to baseball that fall, and Park’s interview became a bit of a joke.

At the time, fans of other teams nicknamed him 온라인카지노 “Yugwangtack” and “Jambatack” because of his boisterousness.

While it’s a painful memory for Park, his interview ultimately had a decisive impact on how the glossy jumper became a symbol of LG.

Previously just one of the club’s merchandise items, the glossy jumper has become a symbol of LG fans’ desire to win.

Every fall, LG fans come out in full force to cheer on the team.

This year is no different as the team attempts to win the Korean Series (KS) for the first time in 29 years.

On the 7th and 8th, when the first and second games of the KS were held, Jamsil Stadium in Seoul was packed with LG fans wearing glossy jumpers.

LG Group Chairman Koo Kwang-mo, the owner of LG, also wore a glossy jumper to watch the first game of the KS on the 7th.

Commissioner Park Yong-taek met with reporters ahead of the KS Game 3 at Katie Wise Park in Suwon on Tuesday and chuckled when asked about the glossy jumpers.

“I’m a commentator who is supposed to be neutral, but the glossy jumper has a special meaning,” Park laughed.

“At the time, my interview became a hot topic, and I was teased by many fans of other teams,” Park said. “Recently, I noticed that there are many people wearing glossy jumpers on the streets,” he added.

However, he added, “I received undeserved love from LG fans when I was a player, but I’m good at being neutral,” and added, “I’ll keep a cool head for today’s broadcast.”

When asked if he would return to the field, he replied, “There have been a lot of talks, and it’s not bad that they’re looking at me in a good way.” “I’ll do what I can to prepare outside,” he said.

As a commentator, he also analyzed the flow of KS this year.

“Both teams play a very entertaining game,” said Park Yong-taek, “I don’t think one team will win easily. I think there will be at least six games or more.” 바카라사이트

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