KB Go League defending champions protect all five starters, including Kicks and Shin Shin-seo

Kixx (head coach Kim Young-hwan), the defending KB Go League champion, will protect all five of its starters as it attempts to win its second consecutive title.

At the first selection ceremony for the 2023-2024 KB Go League held at the Korean Origin in Majang-ro, Seongdong-gu, on Tuesday, Kixx announced that it will protect all five of its main players, including No. 1 Shin Shin-seo, who won the title last season, along with Park Jin-sol and Kim Seung-jae, 9 dan, Baek Hyun-woo, 5 dan, and Kim Chang-hoon, 7 dan.

Each team will select one to three players at the first selection ceremony and four to five players at the second selection ceremony on March 30.

Each team will also be allowed one additional player, which can be a foreigner.

However, the Kicks announced early on that they would re-sign all of their starters, showing a strong determination to win the title for the second consecutive year.

Last season’s runners-up, Jeong Kwan Jang Cheonok, protected the Byun Sang-il, Hong Sung-ji, and Kim Jung-hyun ninth squads with 1-3 picks.

Korea Price Information named Kang Dong-yoon and Han Seung-ju 9th dan in the first and second spots, while Ulsan Koryo Aeon protected 9th dan Shin Min-jun in the first spot.

Second-ranked Park Jung-hwan 9-dan, who has completed a three-year contract with Suryuhan Hapcheon, was selected as Wonik’s first-round pick with priority in the subsequent draft.

The Baduk Mecca Parliament selected Kim Myung-hoon 9-dan, Mahan’s Heart Youngam selected Ahn Sung-joon 9-dan, and Suryeohan Hapcheon selected Won Sung-jin 9-dan with the first pick.

In addition, Korea Price Information announced Chinese professional knight Tang Yifei 9-dan as a pre-selected candidate, and the Go Mecca Council also named Yang Kaiyuan 9-dan from China.

The 2023-2024 KB Kookmin Bank Go League will kick off on December 28 with the opening match between KPI and Suryuhan Hapcheon.

The championship prize is 250 million won, while the runner-up prize is 100 million won, third place 60 million won, and fourth place 30 million won.

In addition, the winning team of the regular season will receive 14 million won and the losing team will receive 7 million won. 파워볼사이트

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