Immediately after the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) President Lee Kee-heung announced that the organization will form a task force (TF) to closely analyze the results of the Games and strengthen its international business capabilities to hasten preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympics, which are nine months away. The KOC held a press conference to wrap up the Asian Games at the Sports Diplomacy Lounge at a hotel in Hangzhou, China, on the morning of the Games’ closing day. “It was a tournament where our athletes showed their determination, and it was a shining tournament where athletes achieved their goals, including badminton’s Ahn Se-young, who overcame an injury to win a gold medal,” said President Lee Ki-heung.

Table tennis player Shin Yubin, who gave up her high school education to pursue her goals as an athlete, has realized her dreams.” The Republic of Korea, which sent a record-breaking 1,140 athletes to compete in 39 events, won 42 gold, 59 silver and 89 bronze medals to finish third overall. “Along with the achievements, limitations and problems were also revealed,” Lee said, noting that the country’s performance in ball games and especially in fighting events was poor.” Compared to Japan, which ranked second, we were ahead of the number of medals from the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, but we were nine gold medals behind, and there were many problems with the content of the games,” he said. “In addition, India, Uzbekistan, and Iran are chasing us, so we need to consider these areas, where the rankings may change in a year or two.”

“When I return home, I will create a TF at the Jincheon National Athletes’ Village in Chungcheongbuk-do to accurately analyze the results of this tournament and make choices and focus on the Paris Olympics,” Lee said, adding, “We plan to strengthen our international work and respond by analyzing the training systems of competing countries without being complacent. “The KOC is expected to study the overall trend of international sports to select sports to foster and set the direction of stagnant martial arts sports such as wrestling, boxing and judo, which have been traditional medal boxes but have fallen.

Lee, who is a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), also introduced that “a committee has been established at the IOC to 온라인카지노 oversee e-sports,” and that “work has begun to look at future trends by studying e-sports that are popular among young people.” “It is true that inter-Korean relations are currently strained, but sports is another field, so we are trying to establish contact with North Korea, and we are prioritizing (North Korea’s) participation in the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games next year,” he said.

“The Paris Olympics are really just around the corner,” Lee said, adding that the head of the Paris Olympic team will be appointed at the start of training in Jincheon next January to systematically prepare for the Olympics, and the entire national team, including me, will undergo Marine Corps training.” Jang Jae-geun, head of the athletes’ village and general manager of the Korean team for the Games, said, “We will take comprehensive measures after the Games and sweat even more to receive enthusiastic support from the public in Paris. We will come to Paris with a bigger smile on our faces,” he promised.

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