Ahn Se-young is a superstar, coming back from injury to win gold

South Korea’s Ahn Se-young overcame injury to win a second women’s badminton title at the Hangzhou Asian Games. After winning a hard-fought gold medal, she appeared at the awards ceremony with a big smile on her face and basked in the glory.

Ahn defeated CHEN Yufei 2-1 (21-18, 17-21, 21-8) in the women’s singles badminton final at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Sunday at Binjiang Gymnasium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

Ahn now has two badminton titles at the Hangzhou Asian Games after winning gold in the women’s team event.

Ahn went into the interval trailing Chen Yufei by one point, 10-11, after a close first game. She then took advantage of a tired Chen Yufei, scoring three straight points to take a 13-11 lead. Ahn’s right knee took an impact when it touched the court during her defense, causing her to complain of pain. However, she skillfully defended her lead and brought it to 21-18. Ahn took a 1-0 lead in the match, and if she could win the next two games, she would win the gold medal.

Ahn was down 2-6 in game two as she was playing with knee pain. Chen Yufei seemed to have made a dribbling move where she touched the shuttlecock twice with her racket, and Ahn protested, but it was not accepted.

Ahn’s knee injury slowed her down from her usual speed and she struggled to keep up with the hitting on the difficult course, but she showed great determination to come back to within two points at 17-19. Unfortunately, she dropped two games, 17-21, and the match went to the third and final game.

Ahn fought back from injury and took advantage of a tired Chen Yufei to take a 5-0 lead in game three. Despite being injured, Ahn fought off her opponent’s attacks by flying and falling down, and went into the interval with a seven-point lead, 11-4. Ahn kept her 메이저사이트 lead steady from there, and Chen Yufei’s unforced errors allowed Ahn to reach match point first. Ahn overcame her injury to win the singles gold medal and become the first Korean to win a double at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Ahn waved to the crowd as she entered the podium. She then smiled broadly as she took her place on the podium as the gold medalist, seemingly listening to the roar of the crowd. After receiving her gold medal, Ahn was jubilant, but serious as she sang the national anthem. Afterward, she smiled again for the photo shoot to celebrate her double gold.

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