Han Ki Bum Basketball Class successfully completes volunteer work in the Philippines

Lee Hyung-joo and the coaches of the Han Ki Bum Basketball Class have returned from a 10-day volunteer program in the Philippines. They made great efforts to provide children with opportunities to have fun and learn through basketball, and to build valuable solidarity with the Filipino community.

Since 2008, the Hanguibum Basketball Class 바카라사이트 has been traveling to various parts of Asia to donate talents through basketball. In particular, since 2015, the organization has been traveling back and forth between Manila and Clark, Philippines, under the leadership of Chairman Han Ki-beom, to conduct volunteer activities for children growing up in difficult environments. The purpose of these volunteer activities is to deliver hope and learning in difficult environments through basketball and to promote communication and solidarity with the local community.

Last Wednesday, a friendly game was held at the Quezon Sports Club Center basketball court between Han Ki Bum Basketball Class’s college youth team, the Cat Cats, and the Pancake Team of the Philippine Flood Victims Association. The game was a great way to promote harmony and exchange among the players.

On Thursday, a basketball clinic was held at the Taguig Tournament. The children received special T-shirts, basketball jerseys sponsored by AITSPORT, and products sponsored by Molten Korea, and shared their expectations and enthusiasm for basketball.

The next day, a seedling planting program was held at Daelak. Despite the rainy season, the participating coaches and children overcame the environment with enthusiasm and spent a valuable time serving the community together.

“We are grateful for the help and support of many people in the hot weather,” said Lee Hyung-joo. “We hope that these activities will bring hope and joy to more children and low-income friends, and we send our greetings and appreciation for their valuable efforts with the local community in the Philippines.”

The program is also planning future volunteer programs. The next project is scheduled from February 26 to March 1, 2024.

Han Ki-beom, Chairman of Han Ki-beom Basketball Class, said, “Volunteering in the Philippines is an important effort to bring hope and change to children growing up in a difficult environment. Through various activities, we provide opportunities for sharing and learning through basketball, and we hope to establish ourselves as a best practice for communicating with the community. We will do our best to make future volunteer programs a valuable time to open up a bright future for more children.”

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