Seoul coach Ahn Iksu on ‘0-1 loss to Incheon’

“I think it’s a scene that can be described as crisis handling, experience, and these words.”

FC Seoul lost 0-1 to Incheon United in the 24th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2023 at 7:30 p.m. on April 22 at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Seoul had a golden opportunity to take the lead in the 18th minute when Willian was awarded a penalty kick, but kicker Na Sang-ho failed to convert.

In the 44th minute, as Incheon’s sharp counterattacks continued, the hosts broke through when Lee Han-beom was brought down on a corner kick. The goal was made possible by a powerful shot from Mpoku.

Seoul continued to push for a goal until late stoppage time, but it was not to be and the game ended 0-1.

Ahn said, “We had a lot of fans come out in bad weather, but I’m sorry we couldn’t deliver the happiness. We will do our best to make things better,” said Ahn.

On the conceding situation, Ahn said, “It can happen. I think it’s a scene that can be described as crisis handling, experience, and other words.”

On Na Sang-ho’s missed penalty kick, Ahn said, “There is no doubt that everyone wants to deliver good results to the fans. There are times when we are satisfied, but there are also moments when we are not. It’s encouraging that we worked hard to make up for it. If you work hard, it’s a good process,” he said.

Seoul’s offense has been lacking since the departure of Hwang Eui-jo to Nottingham Forest. “That’s the biggest challenge,” Ahn said. We haven’t scored since the Suwon FC game. We will think about it and solve it together so that we can make up for this during the break.”

There were also tactical questions. “When you concede a goal to a team that plays three at the back, it allows them to drop back even more because the counter attack is their main attacking route. That’s what happened. It’s a concept of space. It’s a bit unfortunate, actually.”

Lee Tae-seok had a particularly tough time in this game. Ahn said, “He came back from injury without any game experience, and I think it’s encouraging that he’s doing this. It’s not like he doesn’t have the resilience to bounce back from the (Asian Games) selection process. I think it’s a physical problem that can appear after coming back from injury.”

As for Willian, who had to be substituted after colliding with goalkeeper Kim Dong-heon in the first half, “He’s at the hospital. We need to see the results of the examination.” 파워볼사이트

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