Southern Ukraine faces intensified fighting following Crimea bridge attack.

Following the attack on the Crimean bridge connecting the Russian mainland to the Crimean peninsula, fighting between the two sides has intensified, with Russia launching retaliatory airstrikes for the second day in a row and Ukraine attacking the Crimean peninsula in response.

For the second day in a row, Russia launched massive air strikes on the southern Ukrainian port city of Odessa, according to Reuters.

The Ukrainian military’s Southern Operational Command said the attacks wounded at least 12 civilians in the Odessa area.

Earlier, on the night of the 18th, Kiev and other cities were also hit by Russian drone attacks, and in the Odessa region, the Ukrainian military says 37 Russian-fired aircraft were intercepted, including 23 self-destructive drones and 14 cruise missiles.

Odessa is a key port for Ukrainian grain exports by sea under the Black Sea Grain Agreement signed last July.

Russia has been carrying out retaliatory airstrikes after accusing Ukraine of being behind an explosion on a bridge in Crimea on April 17 that killed two people and caused part of a vehicular bridge to collapse.

Meanwhile, 카지노사이트넷 a large explosion followed by a fire at a military training ground in the Kirovskoe region of Russian-occupied Crimea on Sept. 19 forced the evacuation of more than 2,000 residents and the closure of a major highway.

Telegram channels linked to Russian security services said a nighttime air strike by Ukraine had caused an ammunition depot to explode.

Ukraine officially acknowledged the airstrike shortly after the incident, claiming that “the operation against Crimea was carried out successfully” and that the Russian side was covering up the extent of the damage and the number of casualties.

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