In order to group horses of comparable caliber, each race is given a rating. As a result, only horses in that range will be allowed to compete in a race at Kempton with an 80-95 rating.

A horse must initially compete in a few races to give the judges an idea of its speed before being given a grade.

There are variations among ratings. The inclusion of ratings does not imply that a horse’s form is accurate or trustworthy. Building and maintaining good ratings both involve a great amount of effort and a high level of racing knowledge.

For handicappers, rating a racehorse for the first time is actually quite simple. When a juvenile horse either wins a race or finishes in the top six in three races, it will receive its first Official Rating, one of the many statistics added to a race card that can be confusing to those unfamiliar with horse racing. However, a horse’s official rating may be lost.

This occurs when a horse has been out of 바카라 competition for nine months in a row. As a result, their rating is no longer recorded.

The weight carried by a horse and the outcome of a race are the two primary elements used by handicappers to determine ratings. The BHA will also calculate each horse’s performance data, which take into account the racetrack, the distance, the ground, the draw, the respective weights carried, and the speed of the race.

It is crucial to note that all ratings are weighted for age, meaning that horses with identical ratings are of equivalent merit. Each horse’s merit is expressed as a rating, expressed in pounds, and determined by the application of handicapping strategies, which include a rigorous analysis of a horse’s performance versus other horses.

The universal rating handicap can also be seen as four handicaps side by side: one for horses under two years old, one for animals over four, and 토토 one for older animals.

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