Kim Ga-hee, Chuncheon Girls’ High School, participated in Dream Camp for the first time, what did she learn from the camp?

“We want to show you a different side of us”

Samsung Life Insurance in Yongin held the ‘2024 Dreams Come True Camp’ at the Samsung Training Center (STC). The event, which started in 2017 and is now in its fifth year, is a program for Bloomers players to experience joint training and mentoring with elite high school basketball players.

This year, 27 players from Bundang Business High School, Sookmyung Women’s High School, and Chuncheon Women’s High School participated in the program. On the third day, Kim Hyung-chul, CEO of RP Athletic Center, led a class on ‘Injury Prevention & Nutrition and 카지노사이트 추천 Recovery’.

He mainly taught the athletes how to prevent injuries and taping, but also gave a lesson on nutrition and hydration, which can be overlooked by athletes.

Kim Ga-hee from Chuncheon Girls’ High School said, “I’m not that good at taping. The instructor was kind and detailed. It was easy to understand, and I think I can do taping in the future.” “My knees were always bad. I will continue to do preventive exercises at school to prevent injuries,” she said after the third day’s training.

Meanwhile, Chuncheon Girls’ High School participated in the ‘Dreams Come Ture’ camp for the first time. “I learned a lot from watching my older sisters play, and it was great to be with them, especially (Cho) Soo-ah, because we play the same position and I always liked her. I learned how to play as a guard and how to dribble,” she said.

When asked about her favorite moment of the camp, she said, “On the first day, we played a mini game with the pros. It was my first time playing with them. I learned a lot from watching them play. I also saw their passion off the court, and that motivated me a lot,” she said.

Kim learned and felt a lot from the camp. The important thing is to put it into practice on the court. “I had a weakness in defense during the match. I want to show a different side of myself now, and to do that, I need to show that side of myself from training. I want to focus more on hard work and defense,” she said.

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