Jang Mi-ran Criticizes Kwon Soon-woo’s Bad Manners

“Quite Regrettable”… Jang Mi-ran Criticizes Kwon Soon-woo’s Bad Manners Controversy

On the 26th, Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jang Mi-ran, a former Olympic gold medalist,

expressed regret over Korean tennis star Kwon Soon-woo,

who caused a ‘controversy over bad manners’ on the stage of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Jang Mi-ran

According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vice Minister Jang directly called Choi Yoon,

head of the Hangzhou Asian Games team,

on this day and said, “I understand your feelings of regret,

but since it is an international stage where you are competing with the Taegeuk symbol,

it is necessary to play with a sense of responsibility as a national team player.” 온라인카지노사이트

He continued, “We must show the spirit of fair play that lives up to the public’s expectations,”

added, “We are very sorry for the problematic behavior that occurred today,

we ask that you take the necessary measures to prevent something like this from happening to the Korean athletes again.”

Previously, Kwon Soon-woo lost to world number 636 Kasidit Samrez (Thailand) in the second round of the men’s singles tennis tournament held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in Zhejiang, China, on the 25th.

It was a shocking result for Kwon Soon-woo, who was aiming for a gold medal in this competition,

but his behavior after his loss was even more shocking.

After losing, Kwon Soon-woo hit the court so hard that his racket broke.

After repeated actions several times, the racket was broken beyond recognition.

Kwon Soon-woo

Also, after a tennis match, there is an etiquette for both players to shake hands and greet each other across the net,

but Kwon Soon-woo packed up his bags without even paying attention to Samrez,

who was approaching the net.

Even if you lose a match, shaking hands after the match is considered tennis etiquette.

The video of Kwon Soon-woo venting his anger quickly spread through various social networking services (SNS)

such as YouTube, and foreign media outlets such as the South China Morning Post (SCMP)

also rushed to point out Kwon Soon-woo’s attitude.

As the controversy intensified, Kwon Soon-woo visited the Thai team’s training center this morning,

apologized to his opponent, and released a handwritten apology through the Korea Sports Council.

Kwon Soon-woo said, “I sincerely apologize to all the people who support the national team’s game and to the spectators at the stadium.

I am sorry.”

He went on to write, “I would like to once again sincerely apologize to the Sam Reds players who may have been offended by my rude behavior.”

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