Domestic violence acknowledged Manchester United announce police investigation

Manchester United acknowledged the assault of key striker Anthony and announced that a police investigation is currently underway.

On the 6th (Korean time), Manchester United announced its position on the Anthony situation on its official website, saying, “This is the club’s statement regarding Anthony.” 지울프-토토

Anthony was at the center of controversy after he was recently accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. 

Global sports media ESPN reported on the 4th that “Anthony’s ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavalin reported Anthony to the police on charges of domestic violence, bodily harm and threats.”

Cavalin is a famous DJ in Brazil and an influencer with over 480,000 followers on social media. She claimed that she was not only imprisoned but also assaulted and threatened by Anthony.

This controversy did not appear suddenly recently. There was also controversy in August when news broke that Kavalan was preparing to sue her husband, Anthony, for domestic violence.

At the time, British media reported, “Kavalin claimed she received threats while she was with Antony in Manchester, England,” and added, “Her lawyers have now produced 70 pages of documents and police reports outlining the alleged evidence against Antony. “

We are preparing to submit it,” he said.

A Brazilian police report filed in her case states that Cavalin was first assaulted by Anthony at her party at a nightclub in Sao Paulo, where he allegedly grabbed her by the arms and hair and pushed her to the ground. Kavalin, who was 17 weeks pregnant at the time, eventually miscarried.

In August 2022, a month after her first assault, she began dating Anthony again, and Cavalin assaulted her for the second time in January.

 She later said she was assaulted two more times in the UK, and her mother and her friend, Anthony, are said to have witnessed the scenes. 

She also told police that she had been threatened by Anthony, and she submitted photographs of her injuries from the assault as evidence.

 She claimed she had not seen Antony since May last year, she said.

This is bound to be embarrassing for Manchester United. While Mason Greenwood, the club’s top prospect, has already decided to leave the team due to the sexual assault incident against his girlfriend that has continued since last year, there is a growing possibility that Anthony, who was recruited after investing a large amount of money, will not be able to play due to domestic violence issues.

Antony immediately posted a statement clarifying his position on social media, and it seemed as if it was becoming difficult to know the direction of the incident.

Anthony wrote on his social media, “I felt I had a duty to publicly inform my fans, friends and family about the false accusations that I have been made a victim of. I have dealt with this case from the beginning, providing a fair explanation to the police. As we are investigating, we will provide further details. “The contents cannot be disclosed yet,” he announced.

He continued, “These charges are false. I can confidently say that the evidence that will come out in the future will prove that I am innocent. I did not inflict any physical violence on Kabalin. I believe that the entire truth will be revealed through the police investigation.” He claimed that the claims were completely false and that no assault had occurred at all. Even when the controversy first broke out, Anthony claimed that he had been wronged.

Despite Antony’s claims, the Brazilian Football Association withdrew Antony’s inclusion on the national team on the official website on the 5th, and said, “There is a need for an investigation into the facts revealed on the 4th, and the victims, the players accused, the Brazilian national team, “To protect the Brazilian Football Association, we have decided to exclude Anthony.”

Meanwhile, Manchester United acknowledged Anthony’s assault and revealed that a police investigation is in progress, and it appears that criticism of Anthony will not decrease until the investigation is clearly conducted.

Manchester United acknowledged the charges against Anthony, saying, “The club acknowledges the allegations against Anthony and states that police are currently conducting an investigation. The club will not comment further until further information is available.”

He went on to say, “The club is aware of the seriousness of this issue, considering the impact these allegations and subsequent reports will have on survivors of abuse,” and stated that it will not easily accept domestic violence issues and will deal with them seriously in the future.

With Manchester United’s announcement, it seems likely that Anthony will be subject to some suspicions and further investigation will be conducted. It is expected that it will be difficult for Anthony to play in the game for the time being unless news comes that the charges are completely cleared and the results of the investigation have been overturned.

Brazilian media UOL also said, “Antony is now at risk of being excluded from the Manchester United squad,” adding, “Manchester United, which was fighting Cavalin’s assault claims, changed its mind. In particular, Manchester United also changed its attitude as the Brazilian national team suddenly excluded Anthony, who had been called up in the first place. It was revealed that “Manchester United’s board of directors is currently analyzing what decision to make regarding Anthony,” and Manchester United made its position on Anthony clear with this announcement.

Meanwhile, there were reports that Antony and Rosilen Silva, who he is currently living with, left home due to domestic violence. Antony and Silva have one son. If Manchester United’s admission confirms the fact of Antony’s violence, it seems that it will be difficult for her to return to her relationship with Silva, her current lover.

British media outlet The Sun reported, “Anthony’s girlfriend and mother of his child, Silva, was spotted leaving the house. She was seen loading her luggage into a car and leaving just hours after Anthony was dropped from the Brazilian national team.” “The exit sparked rumors that things could not go smoothly with Anthony,” he said, adding that Silva had left the house.

While the possibility of acknowledging the controversy surrounding Anthony is increasing through official announcements from the Brazilian national team and Manchester United, if the allegations against Anthony are true, it is expected that it will be difficult to see him at Manchester United again.

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